It is easier to unite people against something than to unite them for something. You can tell them to come together and build a house and all you will get are grumbles and complaints while flipping the switch by telling them to come together and build a house that will protect them from certain people and boom, a larger percentage are responding positively to you.

Liberals and conservatives in the United States spend their whole day blaming each other on Twitter because society has nothing better to do than to sit down and complain yet when the United States soccer team is playing against anybody, they sing the same song.

Same thing happens in Nigeria. They country is too big and diverse for one person to lead but it is precisely the reason why although their National League is among the shittiest one can find anywhere in the world, the recent friendly match against Brazil proved that they will never run out of talents.

Joe Aribo made his second debut yet opened the scoring with a move even the best strikers in the world would be proud of. Like many players on the team, he was not even born in Nigeria. England is his birthplace because his parents like so many other Nigerians decided that Nigeria was too tough and had to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

Local league players hardly make it to the team. Unlike most “functioning countries” that invest in their football in hopes that they can have a decent national side, the “never functioning” Nigeria can afford to have piss poor local amenities yet possess a national side able to stand toe to toe with a Brazilian side.

From Iwobi to Ola Aina to the dude who replace the injured first team goal keeper,Maduka Okoye, the story remains the same.
So many more are waiting to make their debuts too. Nigeria may not be united in diversity but they are definitely benefitting from it.