The Sand Eagles of Nigeria, after losing against Oman and setting a personal worst record in their second match of the ongoing FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup against Portugal made sure to set another low against Brazil.

The Eagles having lost to the Iberian Penisula 10-1 contrived to set another low by losing to the Brazilians 12-2 in their third and final match.

Stat monitors have been frantically punching and searching and they are yet to come up with any Nigerian side that have lost any world tie by this kind of margin.

For a game that was as generous as many people believe Brazilian girls usually are to expatriates, one of the best stars of the Brazilian side, Rodrigo bagged a hattrick while two of his other teammates Rafinha and Bokinha registered a brace each.

Nigeria will later have consolation goals through Azeez and Ekujumi both that was not enough to ensure they didn’t head home with their tails in between their legs.

For a country that pride themselves for being the giants of Africa despite all reputable statistics beginning to doubt it, consolation at the Murtala Mohammed airport is the last thing the Sand Eagles will expect to get from anyone when they land in Lagos.

The disgrace meted on Nigeria by virtually all the teams they faced at the Beach Soccer World Cup means the football federation must go back to the drawing board to remove all shackles holding the Beach version of the nation’s most popular sport backward.

No matter how much the coach or sympathizers of the Sand Eagles may try to twist the show of shame – losing to Oman, Portugal and Brazil – as if they have never kicked a soccer on a beach before, the coach and all the current players are more than likely to be shown their way out.