Sam Sodje may Disclose Nigeria Association new Manager


Sam Sodje is shocked how the bigwigs of Nigeria association can name someone manager of country’s senior side without having any deal in place with him.

Nigeria association, after once confirming the signing of Paul Le Guen for the post, later disclosed that only because of him declining certain key points; he was ruled out.

The first of those points was that the job had to be target based and the manager had to meet the targets the association would present to him. Secondly, he was also told he would have to settle himself in the country and he could not be residing somewhere else. Le Guen had problem with the two points put forward by the association.

Apart from that, another issue was his stubbornness of having his own set of assistants working with him. The association was not ready for it.

According to Sodje, whatever association says doesn’t make the matter any less disgraceful. If you make an offer to someone and he has objections to certain terms and conditions and he rejects your offer or you rule him out, it’s fair enough because that’s how it goes in professional world. It’s normal for the offers to be rejected or for the employee to not to agree to all the demands of the employer. However, what is definitely not normal is to release someone’s name when each and every point regarding the deal has not been agreed upon and the talks are only in process.

Sodje believes what is disrupting the proper functionality of Nigeria association is the lack of honest personalities and until and unless some real professionals, maybe a couple of former players having management experience, are put into the association, such demeaning situations would continue to surface.