Salisu Yusuf is hoping to strike a balance for his squad

The 55 year old manager of the Nigerian national football team, Salisu Yusuf has recently stated that he wants and hoping to find a balance in the national side instead of just selecting a few performers that are competing in big clubs.

Salisu Yusuf has revealed details concerning some of his thought process behind the selection that the Nigerian manager will have to do in the near future as Yusuf said:

“We have to understand that players’ form changes and consistently fluctuates. We have players that are in good form now and are playing for their clubs regularly. Ironically, some of them who are regulars now were not even playing last year in their clubs.”

“The issue of players’ form changes but we will try to find a balance, that’s why when we played Senegal in London, we invited those playing regularly in their clubs. That was why we invited one from Austria, one from Portugal and even invited Isaac Success to see how we can blend those playing regularly and our mainstay players,”

The Nigerian national side has recently been struggling with their performances at big tournaments such as they were not able to qualify for the 2017 edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup and the same thing goes for their campaign in their recent years competing in the Africa Cup of Nations as they were not even able to qualify for either the 2015 or the 2017 edition of the African competition.

Considering the recent underwhelming period of time of the Nigerian national side, it’s good to see that the head coach is interested in switching things up and try to take a different approach with more stability from all around the pitch in every aspect of the team.