Nigerian team promised reward


A Japanese surgeon has promised the Nigerian players a reward of $30,000 to each player if ever they win the gold medal at the Olympic football tournament.

The surgeon said that he has fallen in love with the Nigerian team after having heard of the financial issues on television. He stated that it is a great achievement in itself for a team with these kinds of problems to have reached this stage of the competition.

The Japanese surgeon stated that he wants to help the team as much as he can, and he has found out that this reward is the best thing he could do. He said that he will be offering $20,000 to each player if they win the silver medal and $10,000 if ever they win the bronze medal. He said that even if the team is eliminated before this stage of the competition, he will still be making a contribution to help them financially. He added that he is not doing this for any special media coverage as his intentions are genuine.

The Nigerian football federation has stated that they have heard about the surgeon’s plans, but they said that they remain careful. The vice-president of the federation has said that he has been impressed by this donation, but the team must remain careful as this can affect the reputation of the country. He said that at the moment the team is concerned about preparing their next game and that the players are working well.

The Nigerian football team has experienced some problems ahead of their game at the Olympic tournament. The players had to boycott a training session before the government agreed to pay them their daily allowance for the tournament. It is believed that an agreement has been reached between the players and the federation regarding the payment of future allowances.