Nigeria needs qualified coaches


It is a truth that Nigeria’s football is experiencing a poor moment at the moment.

AdegboyeOnigbinde who is a former CAF and FIFA instructor believes that a lack of qualified coaches is the reason behind this issue. He said that the majority of qualified coaches in Nigeria is unemployed and that this is the primary factor behind the slow development of Nigerian football.

He believes that there need to be a change in policy if the Nigeria football federation wants football to improve in the country. He said that just as in any other sector, the best-qualified people work abroad and this is what is happening in the football world. It is important that the coaches are employed and given a decent salary if you want them to remain in Nigeria.

AdegboyeOnigbinde said that the Nigerian federation should find a way to employ qualified Nigerian coaches if they want football to improve. He stated that lack of jobs have caused the coaches to leave the country and to seek employment elsewhere.

For him, the big issue is that of corruption. He said that the best-qualified coaches do not stand a chance to get a job as the best jobs are given to connections and friends, and this creates frustration.

He believes that the employment of qualified coaches will cause football to progress in Nigeria and will allow the team to compete with the best countries not only in Nigeria but also in the world. He believes that the lack of coaches is the main reason why Nigerian football has been declining in recent times.

He said that as long as Nigerian clubs will be employing untrained coaches, there will not be any progress in the level of football. It is important that they employ coaches that have not only skills but also the experience of top level football.