Keshi will leave Nigeria


The future of Nigeria’s national squad coach Stephen Keshi is a topic of discussion that has recently been talked about for the past few months as the 52 year old manager expressed his desire to step down and resign from coaching the team. He announced this decision on June 30 of the ongoing year but later reversed his choice.
Stephen Keshi reversed from his decision in stepping down from coaching Nigeria but he also revealed his disinterest in continuing doing the job after negotiations concerning his contract was never appropriately completed and Keshi has made it official to the public that he has already received offers from others teams.
"Keshi will leave Nigeria, I am a professional coach, and I will get a job elsewhere. But this is my country and this is a job I love to do and I want to give everything I can give, but it's not a do or die affair, it's something I have to do and that's it," Nigeria’s Stephen Keshi said.
Keshi continued unveiling details concerning his position in the team as he said that the Nigerian football team is being sabotaged and this is why the squad is doing so disastrously in their current campaign in the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifications as the team is located at the bottom of Group A having only secured 1 point out of the 3 opening matches which has been played so far.
"There is sabotage by some people. I won't mention their names but they know themselves," said Keshi. They want to run this team down. Some people are ready to sell this country for a dime. They want to sabotage the Super Eagles. It's a shame. They don't want this team to get to the Nations Cup; they want this team to lose outright."
It seems like it’s only a matter of time until a new coach of the Nigerian squad is publicly announced.