The Nigerian national team manager Stephen Keshi has said that he is extremely happy to have a team that has so many high quality strikers. Nigeria has many talented strikers who are playing both at home and in foreign clubs.

This means that the team has a depth in attack that is unmatched by many teams in Africa according to the manager. As a result, he feels that the team is heading in the right direction. He has also said that he will be looking at various new strikers when the Nigerian football team takes on Venezuela in a friendly match in Miami.

He has said that he will be taking a decision on the strikers after seeing how they perform in this match. It is expected that this will skew his decisions for the squad selection ahead of the 23rd in African cup of nations. A total of 10 players currently playing in Nigeria were part of the team that travelled to USA to take part in this friendly match. Meanwhile, the Venezuela manager Cesar Farias has decided to give a late call-up to the striker Fernando Aristeguieta ahead of this match. This is done in order to substitute the injured Josef Martinez.

"My brother, it is true we have our players, both home and away, doing well in striking roles in their respective clubs, I will be trying some of them out in Miami in our friendly with Venezuela (tomorrow) to see. Yes, I have attackers to draw from when I hit South Africa in January for the Nations Cup, but the quality that will separate the real guys from the crowd is the ability to play as a team player, not as an individual star," said the Nigerian national team manager Stephen Keshi ahead of the Venezuela encounter.