Flying Eagles Of Nigeria Qualify For U20

The qualifying rounds for Africa U-20 Cup of Nations were recently concluded for the year 2019 and the Flying Eagles of Nigeria have qualified for the same. The U20 team of Nigeria sealed in their qualification in great style in the qualifying match that was held last Saturday. This was held at Agege Stadium and here in Lagos, the team was able to beat their opponents Mauritania with a score of 5-0.

The match went well for this team, they score two goals within the game’s first half; they were able to do more in the second half and scored the remaining goals to confirm their win over the opposing team. Wasiu Alalade was the player of the Nigerian team who was able to put Nigeria in front by the 12th minute. This was due to a shot that he made in the goal mouth. Though there were several missed chances after that, Flying Eagles were able to double their lead, which happened in the half-hour mark and this was achieved by Nafizi Yahaya.

There was a one on one skirmish with the goalkeeper of Mauritania after which Yahaya was able to reach the finish. He then continued in the second half as well when he was able to take the goal score to three. The fourth goal was done by Aniekeme who was able to make it 4-0 after which the fifth goal happened to the team with a penalty shot.

The upcoming U-20 Cup of Nations would be held in the Niger Republic. This has been fixed for the period 24th February to 10th March 2019. Nigeria is considered to be one of the successful teams of Africa and they have been champions in several of the previous U20 tournaments such as 2005, 2011, 2015 and many previous years as well.