Dominic Dukodod, A Footballer From Nigeria Died While Warming Up

A Nigerian footballer named Dominic Dukudod who was warming up for the upcoming match died on the spot. The demise of the star Nigerian footballer was confirmed by his team spokesperson. Dominic died on the evening of Thursday on 13th December on the soil of state of Nasarawa. The veteran was warming up for his upcoming match which was to be held against Nasarawa United. But before he could play for his team, he slumped on the ground and then never got up. His sudden and unexpected demise has not only shocked the Nigerian football fraternity but also it has shocked the entire fraternity of football.

The Nigerian football team has not even recovered from some instances of previous mishaps that they suffered another heart broking news of the demise of their star player. They were already going through a bad phase and losing one of their best players has exacerbated things for them. Not it is going to be very difficult for them to cope up from this situation. They have paid deepest condolences on his untimely demise and have assured to give all mental support to his family.

“Dominic was a former player of Kano Pillars and while warming up for an upcoming match in Lafia of Nasarawa state“, he slumped and in no time he left the world. Dominic always expressed his desire to play for FC Abuja in an amicable match against the professional football league of Nigeria from the side of Nasarawa United but before he
could fulfill his desire“
he slumped and died. Many efforts were made by the ground staff but all those efforts came to damp squib as the player died in between the process. Before his demise, Dukodod was a player of Sokoto United, National League Club.